Activities in the surrounding area

On the tabs below, we have listed a selection of activities. Some of them are even possible on our own parcel, but a trip in the immediate vicinity is of course also an option. There is a varied offer available, for every budget and of course for all ages.

De contactgegevens van de bedrijven welke de activiteiten aanbieden via onze site vindt u bij de desbetreffende informatie. U kunt rechtstreeks contact opnemen met deze bedrijven in verband met een prijsopgave en/of beschikbaarheid.

If you have any questions regarding our information about activities, you can always contact us.

Fietsen huren

It is really wonderful to discover North Limburg by bike: The landscapes alternate quickly and there are few differences in height. As from March 2020, Landgoed de Weerdbeemden has its own bikes (30 pieces) available.

These universal bikes can be used by both men and women. The saddles are adjustable, the bikes have 3 gears and each bike has a basket for carrying your luggage. The run-flat tires avoid a flat tire along the way.


Rent 1 day € 12,50 per bike/ rent 1 weekend € 22,00 per bike / rent 1 week € 50,00 per bike

Below you will find 3 marked cycling routes in the surrounding area. Of course you can also compose your own bike node route.
Bike node planner ANWB:

Break Out Evenementen

An activity with a group of friends? Do you want to organize a nice family day? We offer numerous possibilities for your fun day out. Break Out Evenementen offers various activities on our location in Swalmen, such as climbing, a shooting clinic or an escape room, but of course you can also go out and walk or canoe in the beautiful surroundings. Enquire about the possibilities, we are happy to think along with you. Below, a couple of examples!

  • shooting clinic
  • Climbing tower and rope bridges
  • Chasing fortune
  • Water activities
  • Escape Rooms
  • Murder file
  • Mini golf course
Web: / Telephone: +31-(0)475-501930 / E-mail:

Spellen op locatie/Sanka Events

In cooperation with Sanka Events we offer you the opportunity to play various games on our location, varying from Old Dutch games to a complete assault course. Maximum enjoyment on our own site, isn't that nice? You can choose from various games, such as:

  • Bubble soccer
  • Old Dutch games
  • Mega games
  • Circus package
  • Assault courses
  • Crazy Games Quiz
  • Casino
  • Hexathlon
Web: / Telephone: +31-(0)6 -28 86 48 55 / E-mail:

Outdoor lasergamen

The lasergame programs which are offered by Lasergame Outdoor are a special experience. When entering the Weerdbeemden estate, you immediately feel the tension running through your body. Outdoor Lasergame is possible at all conceivable locations. That is the power of Lasergame Outdoor. We organize a customized event! 

Compete with your colleagues, friends, family or your teammates. Cooperation ensures relaxation and fun!

Outdoor Lasergame, offered by Lasergame Outdoor, has a high adrenalin level and can be played by everyone, on all levels.

The various game scenarios that are offered result into lots of energy, enthusiasm and fun! Are you sporty, less sporty, young or old? No problem, everyone can play lasergame!

Outdoor Lasergame is very suitable for company outings, bachelor parties or teambuilding outings of sports clubs.

Web: / Telephone: +31-(0)6 18 48 49 85 / E-mail:

Het geheim van de Baron

In this exciting activity you will decipher Baron’s Frits secret code by solving 5 challenges and find out his secret! An original activity with all kinds of fun challenges, including a metal detector, puzzle and blacklight torch. The tour can be booked during the opening hours of De Keverberg Castle and takes approx. 2 hours.

Just like Code Keverberg, this activity is very suitable for family and friends outing, but also for families on vacation.

Web: / Telefoon 06 533 33 28 99 / E-mail:

Buitenzinnen Bootcamp

Are you looking for a fun, original activity for family or friends? Buiten Zinnen organizes among other things a Boocamp. This Bootcamp can take place in the beautiful garden of Landgoed de Weerdbeemden or, if you want to enjoy a nice trip, in the Heldense woods, at approx. 5 km from our group accommodation.

During this active Bootcamp, you will battle against each other. Strength, fitness, coordination and agility are put to the test in a very sporty way, At the end of this afternoon, everyone will feel a winner! Of course we take the fitness of the group into account and we will adjust the program accordingly.

Of course, the fun factor is of paramount importance!

Web: / Telephone: (+31)06 53 33 28 99 / E-mail:

Code Keverberg

Code Keverberg is another unique activity on a special location, offered by BuitenZinnen. This activity takes place in and around De Keverberg Castle.
Your team will be inspired to use all its competences to find the right code to open the treasure chest.
Very suitable for frends or families,

Web: / Telephone: (+31)06 53 33 28 99 / E-mail:

Rondleiding vliegtuigen PS Aero Baarlo

The PS Aero collection mainly consists of military aircraft and a couple of civilian passenger aircraft.

As part of the 2-hour tour you can enjoy a movie about the ins and outs of PS AERO from an airplane seat (business-class). The movie lasts approximately 20 minutes. After the movie you will join a guide and hear fun stories about 35 historic planes and helicopters. You can take a look at different planes and cockpits.

Web: / Telephone:+31-(0)6 51 82 48 28 / E-mail:

Sloepverhuur Limburg | Sloepvaren vanuit romantisch Maasdorp Kessel

Sloepvaren. Dat is de zon op uw gezicht, de wind door uw haren. Dat is genieten! Sloepverhuur Limburg biedt een heerlijke vaartocht over de Maas tussen Venlo en Roermond. Maak er met uw gezin, vrienden of collega’s van een heerlijke dag van! Vanaf de Loswal – aan de voet van Kasteel De Keverberg – verkent u de Maas met een van de eenvoudig te bedienen elektrische sloepen. Cirkel rond op de Maasarm en ontdek waterrijk natuurgebied De Asseltse Plassen. Dát is genieten op de golven van de Maas.

  • Eenvoudig te bedienen 6-persoons sloepen
  • Geen vaarbewijs nodig
  • Al vanaf twee uur varen te boeken
  • Elektrisch aangedreven dus stil en duurzaam

Boeken kan via of telefonisch via verhuurpartner Happy Whale 085 303 2787

Escape Game

An unique activity which can only be played in our own wine cellar!
In samenwerking met Dagje Horst aan de Maas presenteren wij jullie; Escape Game ‘De Weerdbeemden’!

An Escape Game is a game based on the principle of an Escape Room, where you will have to solve riddles to crack the codes and go on.
"Landgoed de Weerdbeemden is of course a wonderful place to stay, but that was once different. This villa used to be owned by drug lord John B.
For many years, he believed he was unobserved while things were happening here, that couldn't stand the light of day. However, he turned out not to be completely unobserved, because at the momeont John B. is serving years in prison.
Due to insufficient information, this estate hasn't been investigated by the police before, but that is about to change.
Jullie gaan de kelder van deze villa namelijk betreden om hier een gedeelte van de overgebleven buit veilig te stellen. Weet jij op tijd de codes te kraken en de buit te vinden?”

This Escape Game is played with a maximum of 6 persons at the same time and lasts 20 minutes.
Per uur kunnen er 12 personen spelen.

Kosten voor deze Escape Game bedragen € 395,- per groep (maximaal 30 personen) plus reiskostenvergoeding € 30,00.

Dagje Horst aan de Maas will organize this activity at Landgoed de Weerdbeemden. So, you don't have to leave the location!

Wil je naast deze Escape Game nog meer leuke spellen om de dag mee te vullen? Onderstaand vind je een greep uit de aangeboden activiteiten, georganiseerd door Dagje Horst aan de Maas:
– Bluf Game
– Nuclear Disaster
– Carter’s Caravan
– Pubquiz “Weet ik veel”
– Pubquiz “Beeldbuis”
– Pubquiz “Classic”
– Pubquiz “90’s & 00’s”
– Pubquiz “Terug naar het jaar..”
– Van alles wat Quiz
– BingoQuiz
– Ranking the Starts
– Let’s Play
– Hollandse Quiz
– De Weerdbeemden speltoernooi

Information and reservations:

Morris Jacobs
Dagje Horst aan de Maas 
0031 (0)6 27 34 46 45

Some child-friendly suggestions:

  • Castle De Keverberg Kessel
  • Attraction Park Toverland in Sevenum
  • DOK6 Cinema/theatre in Panningen
  • The Portal Action House Sevenum
  • Jump XL Horst
  • Outdoor playground Roeffen Mart (free entrance) Grubbenvorst
  • Beach and pool de BreeBronne in Maasbree
  • Play- and swimming paradise Kinjerkriebel Panningen
  • Monkey Town Venlo
  • Children's farm Hagerhof Venlo
  • Climbing park Funforest Venlo
  • BoeBaDoe Farm Beringe
  • E-Village Nederweert 
  • Playground Klein Zwitserland Tegelen
  • The World Pavilion Steyl
  • Gaia Zoo Kerkrade

Of course, there are many more possibilities in Limburg. Take a look at the website! for more nice outings with children.

A couple of suggestions:

  • Missiemuseum in Steyl
  • Limburgs Museum in Venlo
  • Regional museum 't Land van Peel en Maas in Helden
  • Art center de Raay in Baarlo
  • International Historical Motorcycles and Tractors Festival Panningen
  • Museum Techniek met ’n Ziel in Neerkant
  • Museum Van Wasrol tot DVD in Boekend (Venlo)
  • Museum Terug in de Tijd in Horn
  • Museum de Kantfabriek in Horst
  • Het Cuypershuis in Roermond

Hierbij wat suggesties om te shoppen:

  • Outletcenter Roermond
  • City centre Roermond
  • City centre Venlo (with renewed Maasboulevard)
  • Venlo is definitely worth a visit, nice cosy terraces, Maasboulevard, extensive range of shops and events are regularly organized. 
  • Hertog Jan Brewery Arcen
  • Grain distillery De Ijsvogel Arcen
  • DOK6 Cinema and theatre in Panningen
  • Cinema Luxor in Reuver