Come and enjoy a lovely wine tasting or cook a delicious mail in our professional kitchen. On our website you will find various tips for outings or fun Activities, on our own terrain or in the immediate surroundings. These activities are constantly being expanded and are suitable for every age and every budget. We hope this information will help you to plan a nice stay!

The immediate vicinity of Landgoed de Weerdbeemden offers many possibilities!

For example:

  • Various walking- and cycling routes
  • Activities for adults
  • Activities for children (Amusement park Toverland, various indoor- and outdoor playgrounds etc.)
  • You can easily reach the city centre of Venlo or Roermond or you can visit Panningen.
  • There are many picturesque villages with nice terraces and cosy restaurants.
  • Check "Activities" for all possibilities.
  • If you want to know more about the environment, you can go to the Tourist Office in Kessel or visit one of the following sites for information about Kessel-Eik and surroundings. 
  • https://www.kessel-limburg.eng/
  • Contact data Tourist Office
VVV Kessel
Kasteelhof 1a

The Netherlands

077 462 2446

Castle De Keverberg  

De Keverberg Castle forms the historic village centre of Kessel. During the Eighty Year’s War, De Keverberg had a hard time. In 1579 it was set on fire and after its construction (1639) it was raided. Nowadays, De Keverberg is a nice accommodation where various activities take place. In Summer, theatre shows are regularly organized. As one of the few remaining moth castles in the Netherlands, the castle is definitely worth a visit.

You can find more information about activities in the castle on the website:

Sint Anthonius Mill    

Limburg grain processed with wind energy into regional flour. The age-old process of grinding between the millstones, while retaining vitamins and oils, produces flour that is healthy, nutritious and well-known for its powerful taste! This process produces an entirely different product than you are used to from the flour mills. The mill is located at the Rode Eggeweg in Kessel.

Stroll Kessel    

The old Maas Village Kessel is definitely worth a visit. Visit De Keverberg Castle and the historic market square with its lovely terraces. Walk back to the ferry via the Veersepad with its beautiful villas and Castle De Oeverberg. Nice for a sultry afternoon or an early morning! 

From the village and even from our own garden there are many direct connections to regional walking- and cycling routes and the beautiful nature reserves, such as De Weerdbeemden and De Musschenberg.

Nature reserve de Weerdbeemden    

De Weerdbeemden is a nature reserve, right along the Maas, between nature reserve De Musschenberg and Kessel-Eik, created by excavation of clay for the brick factory. In the 19th century clay was mined here by hand for the production of bricks. This happened near the brick factory, which you can still see. In the years after the excavation De Weerdbeemden developed into a very varied wetland area with a rich flora and fauna. It is a true paradise for water birds. Galloway cattle provide the necessary grazing. In rainy weather it might be soggy here, so you’d better wear sturdy walking shoes.

Nature reserve De Musschenberg

The Musschenberg in Kessel-Eik is a natural area on a high sand ridge, beautifully situated on the Maas. It offers a wide view over the Maas Valley. Thanks to the many trees and bushes it is a true paradise for birds –‘mussen’ in the dialect– hence the name Musschenberg. At this natural “mountain” the drainage canal flows into the Maas. You can easily reach it: it is located between cycle node 5 in Neer and cycle node 53 in Kessel. There are benches, so you can rest and enjoy the view. There is enough water and sand for kids to horse around!