Adjustments COVID-19

For your comfort and to be able to guarantee the 1.5 meters distance, we have added a temporary building to our accommodation (7252). This extension is multi-functional and can be used as living room/dining area/recreation room.

Thanks to the heating, this extension can be used all year round. The glass panels offer a wonderful view of the garden.

The temporary building also adjacent to the terrace. This terrace is still very spacious; the 1.5 mtr rule can easily be observed here.

As always, we clean all buildings thoroughly. In addition, we also ensure that all contact points are regularly disinfected.

During your stay, we provide sufficient cleaning products and disinfectants for both interim cleaning as well as your personal hygiene.

Our house has mandatory walking routes and 1,5 mtr stickers plus rulers to be able to check your distance at all times.

Are you hesitating to place a booking under the current Covid-19 conditions? Enquire about our "rebooking guarantee" when you make a booking.